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Aranka Csárda

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Aranka is a popular, traditional Hungarian female name that translates to Goldie in English. It is also the name of my lovely wife for 32 years, Aranka Komaromi, who is known for her excellent cooking skills, and admired by all who've had the pleasure of trying her dishes.

Csárda (pronounced: charda) is a tavern on the outskirts of town or in the country, usually with a shed for horses and carriages. The earliest written mention of a Csárda is from 1755. They were built along roads leading to major fairs, about half to one day’s journey. Among these the most famous were located on county borders, so the Betyár’s (highwaymen or social bandits of the 18-19th centuries) could get away from police officers. They were mostly named by their location, owner, or after a famous event that may have occurred in the vicinity.

The Csárda’s hold many romantic stories about Betyár’s frequenting them. The atmosphere of Csárda’s and their memories have been kept by many folk traditions and stories of foreign travellers passing through the Kingdom of Hungary.

Zoltan Komaromi, Owner
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Hungarian Restaurant

We started renovations in the summer of 2016, and officially opened our doors to the public on November 15th, 2016. As a family run restaurant, we take pride in what we do and make sure we only serve authentic and quality food.

Apart from our delicious food, the decorations and colors of the restaurant are meant to mimic the feel of a real Hungarian Csárda — even some of our staff are Hungarian — you'll feel like you're in a different country when you dine with us!




This charming restaurant situated in Southwest London (Sharon Creek) is well worth the trip. The servers are helpful and make you feel right at home. The menu contains a nice selection of authentic Hungarian cuisine and even has gluten free options. The quality of the food is fantastic, there is a 'home style' feel to it and it reminds me very much of my grandma's cooking... which is of course a high praise.

Stephen Gobbi

We recently discovered this gem of a restaurant and have been there for dinner twice. Everything was delicious, expertly prepared and extremely tasty. The portions were plentiful and the service was wonderful. They really made you feel right at home and the place had a very nice welcoming ambience. We will certainly be making it one of our regular dinner destinations and you should too!

Sharon Butler

Delicious, affordable, and friendly service. Glad to have this gem in this corner of the woods. Highly recommend!

Megann Licskai